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  • Energy Wars of the New World Order 
    Turkey has become a Gamechanger in North Africa and the rest of Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The National Transitional Council in Libya carved half of the country from the rebel-held eastern section wit
    (Last Modified: Thu 20/Jan/2022)   Review It  Details
  • Truth Peeler 
    The genesis for The Truth Peeler was the 2005 pre-election letter from two Catholic bishops to Virgina voters. The bishops insist their one-issue platform is above all else. I heartily disagree. This
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
  • BYM General News 
    stories of general maritime and marine interest from around the world
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
  • Final Reality 
    FINAL REALITY will determine our views on the value and dignity of people, the base for the kind of life the individual and society lives, the direction law will take, and whether there will be freedo
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
    This blog is dedicated to politics and current affairs, with frequent postings in Business and the Computer Industry. We also offer daily news links, and are always looking for contributors to the si
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
  • Axe Wielding Maniac 
    My Web log in an dynamic journal. take a look and please feel free to comment. The contents of this blog are My not so humble opinion. and carry no warranty.
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
  • StillFallingDown 
    Rantings, ravings and random thoughts about life in NYC, and anything else that annoys me.
    (Last Modified: Sun 26/Dec/2021)   Review It  Details
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